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My review of the Batman films

My review of the Batman films

Batman 1989: this movie should have been called The Joker, because this movie is center on the joker. This movie was stylish and entertaining but that’s it, it wasn’t about anything and we don’t learn anything about batman, the Joker or any other characters. This movie is full of plot holes, I mean if this movie was a person and plot holes were zits then his or her face would be covered with zits. I like how mysteries Batman is, however I wish he was more of a detective, stealthier and intimidating. The supporting characters were annoying they didn’t do anything useful, especially the love interest all she did was scream. I do like Mr. Nicholson as the Joker however I didn’t understand how he won an Oscar for this role; I mean it not hard to do physical comedy that what he did. Yes! He does kill people however he is not scary or demented, it hard for me to care that the Joker do things if I don’t know what motives him what does he want?

a line from the movie
Vick: What do you want?
Joker: my face on the one dollar bill.
Wow he could have said anything like.
me: What do you want?
Joker: A happy meal, no a flat screen no no a lap dance where did that come from?   

This movie could have been better if it had a story, what brother me about this movie is that people compare this to other Batman movies that not fair that like comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordon. I will give them credit they tried to make a mature Batman film and without this film we wouldn’t have other Batman films plus the animated series.
Rating = Rental

Batman Returns: You can say whatever you want about Batman and Robin I rather watch that than watch this because that movie didn’t make me feel dead inside like this movie did. The plot is this the penguin who I thought was going to be the main villain wants revenges on Gotham City for reasons that makes no sense. The actually main villain uses the penguin as part of his plan to destroy Gotham so Batman has to stop them. One question why is this movie called Batman Returns? I mean Batman didn’t go anywhere plus he just in the movie because his name is in the title so again why is this title Batman Returns? This film had the same problems the previous film had like it not about anything, continuity issues and the villains have no motivations, I mean when it comes to movie base on comic book characters I am tired of insanity being a villains motivation it not a good or deep motivation. Also Selina Kyle/Catwoman is in this movie too however she is useless and how she is portrayed might offend women. I didn’t mind this take on the penguin however I was bother by how sick and disturbing he was in this movie. This movie could have been better if they made the penguin the main villain and sympathetic.
Rating = Trash

Batman Mask of the Phantasm: Before Mr. Nolan’s Batman films came out this is the only good Batman film. This movie is about a mask vigilante called the Phantasm killing mobsters and the police mistake this person for Batman, so Batman have to figure out who the Phantasm is plus being a wanted man. One of the many things I liked about this movie is they made Batman a love story, something that the other films didn’t do a good job of. Also this film had a good leading lady, that sad because this is an animated film. There was one part of the story that I had a problem with, because that part undermines Batman’s motivations. If I had a list of films that are overlooked this is one of them, I would recommend this if you like mystery films.     
Rating = Worth seeing          

Batman Forever: Warner Brother’s studios wanted a batman film that will attract kids because parents complain that Batman Returns was too dark plus nothing in that movie made any sense, which was the mistake Batman is not for kids. Robin was created in the comics to attract younger reads, if you want a kid friendly Batman film rant the 1966 Batman. The plot involves Harvey Dent/Two Face want revenge on Batman why I didn’t, meanwhile another villain called the Riddler invents a device that will control the minds of Gotham’s citizens Batman has to stop him plus deal with his issues. This movie is too different from the first two movies to be consider a sequel to the first two films. Why didn’t Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carry win an Oscar for playing villains, I mean they mimic Mr. Nicholson performances as The Joker so why didn’t the get an Oscar? The casting of Dick Grayson/ Robin bothers me because I don’t know how old he was suppose to be in this movie and the actor playing him is a grow man, also he didn’t serve a propose in this movie he’s just fan service. Why is Two Face in this movie, I mean The Riddler made Two Face look useless so what’s the point of putting him in the movie? The love interest in this movie really made me mad because there was a scene with her in it that gave me the impression that she wasn’t going to be the damsel in distress, and the subplot involving her was a waste. The good thing I can say about this movie is they tried to make Bruce Wayne/Batman a character. Another thing that bothers me about this film is that it had potential to be good, Instead of focusing on the subplots in the movie they made this film marketable to kids.   
Rating = Rental    

Batman and Robin: What can I say about this movie that already have been said? The plot is that Mr. Freezes and Poison Ivy wants to freezes Gotham City and gave it back to the plant kingdom so Batman and Robin has to stop them, this is not a movie it a two hour long toy commercial written by kids. This is just like the previous movie but worse, yes! There were some comedic elements in that film but there were also so serious moments. Why would they give us four serious batman films and have the last one be the opposite of those films? What really bother me about this movie is I don’t know who the target audience for this movie, I mean I though the ice puns were annoying but sex puns why would they put sex puns in a film that suppose to be a family film? They tried to do the knightwing story but just like the previous film it was overshadow by the film being marketable. I am not completely mad at Mr. Schumacher and everyone else who worked on this film because he did what Warner Brother’s studios hired him to do, plus they realizes how bad the movie was afterwards. I wish that Warner Brother’s studios apologies for this movie instead of Mr. Schumacher because it was there idea to take the Batman films in this direction in the first place.
Rating = Trash 

Batman Begins: This movie should be used in a writing class called how to revive a franchise? The movie is centered on Bruce Wayne/Batman who left Gotham City fro seven years to do some soul searching after he experiences a traumatic event when he was little. After that he comes back to Gotham to go on a crusade to save his city. This is a classic one person can make a different story. I like how this movie tells batman’s Origin. To me the first half of this film is a remake of his Origin, because this movie answers some of the unanswered question about his origin that the comic books didn’t. Also it gave us a deeper reason why Bruce Wayne became Batman. The down side to this is that it doesn't make him mysterious. Fear was a major theme in this movie. this is something I appreciate about this film because we have a problems having discipline with that emotion. The second half of this movie was batman trying to figure out what the villains are planning. Of course the problem I have with this movie is the leading lady; I will give them credit for not making her completely helpless. This and The Terminator have been overshadowed because of the films that came after them, because of that I feel bad that this films are not on my favorite films list.
Rating = Treasure Chest  

 The Dark Knight: This movie takes place a year after Batman start his war against crime, with the help for Lt. James Gordon and DA Harvey Dent. Meanwhile a new villain called the Joker make that difficult for them, and put them in a tough position. These three have to figure out how to stop him without making decisions that they will regret later. WOW! I haven't seen a sequel this good since T2. This movie had the same problem that I had with the previous batman films there is no good leading lady. Another problem I had is that Batman didn't use fear against criminals like he did in Batman Begins, however it was tricky for him to do that in some scenes in the movie. The late Heath Ledger’s portray of the Joker is the Joker I have been waiting to see on screen, he was also a good villain because he was so unpredictable. One of the many things I like about this film is that it has social commentary surrounding what Batman, the Joker and the people of Gotham City were doing. I like the message this movie has that message is we shouldn’t rely on one person to fix everything, everyone has a role to play in that.

Rating = Treasure Chest             
 The Dark Knight Rises:  Your kidding I’m I being punk here? What a disappointment this movie was, Warner Brothers and Mr. Nolan shame on y’all how dare y'all wasting my time and money. The plot is this 8 years have passed since the events of The Dark Knight and Gotham has been peaceful since then, meanwhile a new enemy by the name Bane has come to interrupt that peace. So Bruce Wayne despite his condition has to become Batman again and stop this new foe with the help of old and new allies. I can understand the problems that people have with this movie like it too long, batman barely in this movie, intelligent insulting moments and Bane’s voice. The problems I have with this movie involves plot holes, the first act and other parts being rush, I wish that they would expand on two plot points and another plot point being contrived. Another problem I have is the things they did with Bane, I mean they did something that made him less creditable, they change his back story and I didn’t like what happened to him in the last act. This movie is connected and have some similarities to Batman Begins. I don’t understand why Catwoman wasn’t called Catwoman in this movie, and I wish they played the romantic angle between Batman and Catwoman. The things I like about the movie are the character moments, comic book references and some of the theme like legacy, despite the movie didn't do a good job at being about this themes. Basically this movie was complicated, this feels like a rough draft if they follow the five basic writing steps than this could have been an Oscar worthy film. Just like Spider-man 3 and X-men the last stand this should have been two movies because the story is so big. I would recommend this if you like Rocky 3. P.S. the fights between Batman and Bane were disappointing, I wish the fights weren’t shoot so close.
Rating = Trash

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