Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My review of Marvel films that lead up to the Avengers

My review of Marvel films that lead up to the Avengers

Iron Man: This film is about Tony Stark/Iron Man changing his image after the ordeals he went thought in the beginning of the film. This is a fun movie I wish that the writers could have focused on the story like they did with the main character. I was surprised that people liked Tony Stark/Iron Man for three reasons. First he makes weapons enough said, second he’s wealth how can we relate to someone that is rich? Third he’s arrogant that's an annoying character trade to have, however the writers use it for some of the humor in the movie. This movie borrows an element from Batman Begins both files center on a Protagonist build an alter ego plus rebuilding themselves. I wish the fight in this movie would last longer. Another problem I had is the villain should have been smarter.       
Rating = Worth seeing 

The Incredible Hulk: The plot is this Bruce Banner/Hulk tries to find a cure for his condition, meanwhile an army lead by General Thunderbolt Ross is chasing him because General Ross want to turn the Hulk into a weapon. Basically this is about a man who can't get a break, also him having to deal with isolation. There are some references to the 1978 Hulk show; however we don’t learn anything about Bruce or other characters in this movie. The theme of this movie is control, this film would be better if some of the elements from Ang lee’s Hulk film were in this movie. This movie had a good fight despite it looked like a video game. I would recommend this if you like monster movies, because this movie remind me of the first Godzilla movie.
Rating = Average

Iron Man 2: Marvel Studios did you learn anything from Spider-man 3? I mean this movie had some of the same problems that movie had like too many subplots, characters and trying to be about a word just by having the characters say it a few times. The plot is this 6 month had passed since the first Iron man film and Political leaders wants the Iron man suit, meanwhile Ivan Vanko/Whiplash who was suppose to be the main villain wants revenge on Tony stark/ Iron man for reasons that makes no sense. The characters didn’t do anything useful in this movie and the last act was a video game and that’s it, this film was more of a comedy then an action/adventure film. What really bothers me about this movie is that they bring a character half way in the film and not tells us anything about this person, I shouldn’t look like I am watching a foreign language film with no subtitles to figure out what the writer is trying to establish isn’t that the writers job? The good thing about this movie is Scarlett Johnson as eye candy, don’t judge me. If I have a list of the worse sequels I have seen so far this would be one of them, I mean half of this movie is a rough draft and the other half is setting up The Avengers movie. This film was one of the many reasons why I didn’t want to see The Avengers movie, This movie could have been better if it didn't have too many characters, Focus on Ivan Vanko/Whiplash as the main villain and focus on Tony Stark/Iron Man dilemma. P.S. if you want to know who the mysteries character is you have to watch the Iron man DVD after the ending credits.
Rating = Trash      

Thor: This film is about Thor the GOD of Thunder who is about to become King of Asgard until an incident happened and his retaliation cost him his powers and to be exile from Asgard. This movie surprised me; I didn’t find Thor interesting in the comics however this movie made him interesting. This was a better coming of age story than The Lion king, the problem I had with that movie was Samba growing as a person came too late for me in the film plus the villain doesn’t have a motivation for what he's doing. This movie could have been better if they develop Thor getting out of his dilemma better. The problem I had with this movie is one of the fights was too short. Also they could have done the love interest better, it seem that she is interested in where Thor came from then him as a person. I would recommend this if you like Richard Donner’s versions of Superman 2, because both films have some similarities. 
Rating = Worth Seeing  

Captain American The First Avenger: This film is center on a man name Steve Rogers/Captain American who wants to join the Army, but he can’t get in because of his health. Meanwhile a scientist gives him a change by transforming him from skinny to borne. I liked the main character because despite being one dimensional and his size he doesn’t back down for a challenge. I didn’t like the way he was treated before and after he became Captain American. I had problems with the editing; I mean this movie look like it was filmed by two different cameras. Another problem I had is the love interests she is someone that has authority over him, that asking for trouble. Also they could have done a better job of make the love interests more settle.
Rating = Worth seeing  

 The Avengers: This is another Superhero movie that shouldn’t be considered a Superhero movie because there are on superheroes in this movie, I mean we have two assassins, a man wearing a hi-tech armored suit, a man that turn into a bigger man with green skin, another man with enhance human abilities and a the GOD of thunder. The plot is this Loki the brother of Thor has come to earth to find the tesseract an item that will help him rule the earth, and then an agency called S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits a group of superheroes to help them stop Loki. I was kind of miss lead by this movie, I mean I though they was developing a subplot where Steve Rogers/Captain American was having a hard time adjusting to the 21th Century. This movie would have been better if the Superheroes coming together as a team was done better, them becoming a team seem kind of contrive to me. One of the problems I have with this movie is The Hulk; the Hulk makes the other characters seem useless. Also this movie had the same problem I had with the Transformers films that is having a fighting in the middle of the city; other problems involving plot holes with some of the characters and having too many characters. Overall I enjoyed this film; I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t familiar with Marvel comics because this movie feels like it made for that demographic. Despite my problems with The Hulk he is portrayed will here better than his last two movies. This film has a good massage about teamwork, and one character address and issue about what makes a hero. I would recommend this if you like Action/Adventure.
Rating = Worth seeing


  1. I like non spoiler reviews. That's how I do my reviews. What's the point of telling someone every point of the movie? Ty for what your doing.

    1. What are you talking about; I mean I didn't spoil everything that happens in the films. Like I didn't reveal who the mysteries character was, I didn't reveal who the real villain was and so on and so forth. If you think I give away too much info about movies watch the late Siskel’s and Ebert’s reviews. Ok maybe I shouldn’t have said the Ivan wasn’t the main villain but false advertisement annoys me.